Thermoray, suitable for indoor and outdoor heating.

The seasons are giving us more and more opportunity to enjoy an evening in the open air. Unfortunately, it’s often just that little bit too chilly and we’re forced to move inside.

Thermoray patio and conservatory heaters allow you to enjoy the outdoors in
comfort during evenings and colder periods. The small IR radiators warm you up
extremely comfortably, while the slim format makes the heater a stylish and ornamental addition to your wall or ceiling. The IR technology means the Thermoray will not glow red like many other heaters, allowing it to spread its warmth more pleasantly. For more information on how IR heaters work, click here.

Thermoray heaters require very little space and can heat a patio to a pleasant
temperature within 15 minutes. They have stylish aluminium casing and are equipped with adjustable fixing brackets, making it easy to affix the heater in the
desired position.

Despite their high performance level, Thermoray heaters are relatively energy efficient.

Perfect for business owners!

There are more and more heated patio bars and restaurants nowadays.
The relatively low cost of a heated patio can increase turnover significantly,
so it easily pays for itself. Thermoray heaters are particularly suitable for
commercial purposes.


Our models:

1500 W

925 x 48 x 165 mm (lxbxh)
4,40 kg

2400 W

1365 x 48 x 165 mm (lxbxh)
6,15 kg

3000 W

1675 x 48 x 165 mm (lxbxh)
7,45 kg


Thermoray heaters are delivered ready for use. Attach the fixing brackets to the wall or ceiling, mount and plug in the heater and you’re ready to go. To make it even user-friendlier, the heaters are also available with a timer and remote control. This enables you to programme your Thermoray at the touch of a button, ensuring you don’t unintentionally leave your heater running at night.


    • High-quality aluminium casing
    • Adjustable fixing brackets suitable for walls and ceilings.
    • Cable and mains plug attached.
    • The radiation panel is black and emits no light.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Stylish design.
    • Maximum installation height: 3 metres.
    • Recommended installation height: 2.3 metres.
    • For safety reasons, the minimum installation height is 2.1 metres (the radiation panel reaches a temperature of around 350° C).
    • The radiators are IP4X waterproof. This means that Thermorays are splashproof.


Thermoray heaters are equipped with a thermostat
and an indicator light. As a result, the heater can
never overheat and you can always see if you have
forgotten to turn it off. Furthermore, the device is
designed to emit a limited amount of heat from the
rear side, which minimises heat loss and makes the
device suitable for many types of walls and ceilings.

The heaters are available in 3 different capacities: 1.5kW, 2.4kW en 3.0 kW.


Thermoray IR heaters use infrared technology. This technology
does not deeply penetrate the skin and provides
pleasant warmth straight away. This type of infrared ray
has positive health effects on the body and is suitable for
long-term use. This is in contrast with the short-wave
radiation used by many other heaters, which penetrates
much deeper into the skin and can have adverse health
effects. Extend your summer evenings for as long as you like! As
both the air and the skin are heated, Thermoray heaters
have a very relaxing effect. Many saunas use the same
long-wave infrared rays.

Gas or electricity with IR?

The big advantage of electricity with IR compared to gas is that the way of heating is often more pleasant. The space is not heated unnecessarily and the solid bodies encountered by the IR radiation are directly heated. This makes the electrical IR heating more efficient. You will also experience a faster effect of the IR radiators because you are heated and not the entire room has to be heated up first. You may have experienced that with gas heating, one side of your body becomes very hot and the other side is still cold. With IR heating you will notice that the heating method is much more pleasant.

Calculation example:

The following prices are based on The Netherlands.

As far as the costs are concerned, it depends on the situation, but for electricity the following applies:

    • kWh price : approximately 0,21 euro
    • Type of heater: 1,5kW (=1500 watt)

If this heater is used for 1 hour, you will consume 1.5 kWh. So for 2 hours 2×1.5 kW = 3kWh. In the latter case, the heater costs 3×0.21 = 0.63 euros for these 2 hours (energy prices may differ per region and per provider).


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